Oak Grove Park/Big Sioux Park


4051 Cherry Ave
Hawarden, IA 51023
Administration Office Monday- Friday 8 am- 4:30 pm
Administration Office: 712-552-1047

Oak Grove Park/Big Sioux Park is a combination of both state and county land. The Oak Grove Park is state property totaling up to 101 acres of the 573 combined acres of park.  Big Sioux Park is the county land that is adjacent to the park. Care of Oak Grove was taken on in 1962, with the first addition of the park added in 1967. This area offers a variety of habitats to explore including: forest, prairie, and riparian. Oak Grove offers several scenic observation points.  For geological interest there are two large outcropping of Sioux Quartzite and a mound of slag which is the remains of a 100 year old coal bed. This park also has the main administration office for the Sioux County Conservation Board.

Amenities Offered