Sioux County Conservation Board offers multiple options when it comes to facility use and rentals. Browse the options below and see what is available in each of our parks and areas!



Sioux County Conservation Board manages four cabins at the Oak Grove Park. All four cabins have electricity, heating and air conditioning, modern restroom facilities with shower. There is also a small dorm fridge (no freezer), microwave, toaster, and coffee pot.  Cabins are arranged to have an indoor and outdoor eating space. There is a fire … Read moreCabins

Deer Run, Oak Grove2


Sioux County Conservation maintains 5 campgrounds in Sioux County. We also offer permanent sites at various campgrounds. Please see application or call the administration office for further questions and details. Each campground is unique to its location, they vary in size and amenities offered. Try them all! Alton Roadside Park  Big Sioux Recreation Area* Meadowlark … Read moreCampground

Nature Center

Nature Center

DONATE TO THE NATURE CENTER PROJECT Gift/Pledge Card Sponsored Giving Updates Ground Breaking: August 1, 2018 November Update 2018 December Update 2018 January Update 2019 February Update 2019 March Update 2019 April Update 2019 May Update 2019 June Update 2019 July Update 2019 August Update 2019 Project Proposal Location: Oak Grove Park, 1603 Oak Grove … Read moreNature Center



Sioux County Conservation Board offers several options for facility rentals around the county. Whether you are looking for an open shelter or an enclosed building we have you covered! Some shelters are located in parks that require an entrance fee, these are marked with an asterisk (*). Enclosed Shelters Alton Roadside Park  Big Sioux Shelter … Read moreShelters


Shooting Range

Looking for a place to site your bow or maybe just get some extra practice in?  Indoor archery range is available to those that pay for a yearly Archery Club Membership. The Archery Club does offer different activities through the winter months including 3-D shoots and competitions.  During the winter months we open the ranges … Read moreShooting Range

Boats at BSRA


Sioux County Conservation Board offers watercraft rentals out of the Big Sioux Recreation Area, Oak Grove/Big Sioux Park, and Sandy Hollow Recreation Area. Renters must be 14 years of age to rent kayaks and canoes, and 16 to rent a paddleboard. Life jackets are included with rental, it is recommended to wear your life jacket … Read moreWatercrafts