Teacher Resources (PreK-12)

Let us help you in your classroom! We serve those in preschools all the way through high school!  Colleges as well!  We love partnering with local teachers to bring programs into their classrooms. We have programs that pair nicely with what you are teaching in science, social studies, literature, math and even extracurricular activities! Check out this year's newsletter for examples of programs offered. You are not limited to what is in the newsletter! We love to create new programs that enhance what you are teaching in the classroom.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: New lessons are continually being added to each grade document. Refer back to the old newsletter for more ideas!

If you would like to schedule a school visit please fill out and submit Program Request Form, or call 712-552-3057. We would love to set up a time with you!

We also do field trips! Check out our Field Trip page for more information.