Field Trips

We believe field trips are the best way to get your class to indulge in the total environmental education experience. We love to take groups fishing, hiking, canoeing as well as modify some of our indoor programs to fit the outdoor environment. You can come to us out at Oak Grove Park or we can come to you. Time fame and content of field trip is negotiable. If you would like to schedule a field trip, please fill out and submit a Program Request Form. Or call 712-552-3057. Please plan ahead as our calendars fill up fast.


Prairie Wood Nature Center Field Trips 

Our Education staff is currently building grade specific list for year round field tips out of the NEW Prairie Woods Nature Center. So whether you come once or multiple times a year, there will always be something new for your kids at EACH grade level. Our ONE HIT WONDER field trips are for specific elementary grades and cover a broad range of topics- look for Nature Explosion Field Trip Topic.

Click the buttons below for more information on specific field trips.

Iowa History Field Trip Topics: Multiple Grade Levels

We realize sometimes there is a difference in standards between schools, especially when it comes to Social Studies Topics. Below are history inspired field trips with recommended grade ranges based off activities we have chosen. We are leaving it up to the schools/teachers as to what grade would like to claim these as "their grade" field trips.