Campgrounds starting to open for 2019 Camping Season

Despite the recent flooding and snow storm we do have campground ready to go for those that have the itch and have their campers ready for the warmer weather. The bath houses at these location are also open for the season.

The following campgrounds are open for the 2019 Camping Season:

Big Sioux Recreation Area:

Meadowlark Campground

Oak Grove Park:

Turkey Ridge Campground

Sandy Hollow Recreation Campground

The following campgrounds and areas remain closed at this time:

Big Sioux Recreation Area

Eagle View Campground

Roadway into the park, swimming beach area, boat ramp and back shelter areas.

Bruce Schomaker Recreation Area (scheduled to open May 15, 2019)

Oak Grove Park

Deer Run Campground (scheduled to open on Friday April 26, 2019)

Bottom picnic area

Boat Ramp

Watch our website for additional openings.