Geocaching has become a very popular activity for individuals and families. Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for Global Positioning System (GPS) users. The basic idea is to have individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the Internet. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. All the visitor is asked to do is to leave an item if they decide to take something from the cache. Visit for more details.

The Sioux County Conservation Board (SCCB) permits geocaching in keeping with its mission to provide opportunities for safe recreational activities. Geocachers are welcome to place a new cache in SCCB lands as long as they comply with the requirements of the SCCB geocache permit. (Effective August 2022). Contact the Sioux County Conservation Board prior to development to inquire about any designated and/or off limit areas and to learn interesting facts that may enhance the educational value of your cache. Email [email protected]

The following specific conditions and provisions shall apply to those placing a geocache in an area managed by the Sioux County Conservation Board:

  1. A Geocache Placement Permit Application must be filed with and approved by the Conservation Board before posting the cache on a geocaching web site. [SCCB Geocache Placement Permit] In your description, please indicate your geocache was placed by permission of Sioux County Conservation Board.
  2. At a minimum, Cache Listing Requirements/Guidelines developed by Groundspeak and posted on com must be followed when developing a cache.
  3. All local and state laws
  4. The cache container must be clearly marked on the outside with com and the name of the cache.
  5. The SCCB, through its director or designee, reserves the right to terminate this approval for placement of a geocache on SCCB land for any reason at any Caches not in compliance with the terms of this permit will be removed from the property and this permit voided for failure to comply.
  6. We request that you monitor this cache frequently and you maintain it to be family This means the cache should contain no food, alcohol, firearms, drugs, dangerous items, or adult items.
  7. We request that you direct people seeking your cache to follow established trails most of the way to your We discourage off trail hiking as it negatively impacts the environment.
  8. In your description, please inform those seeking your cache areas like Sandy Hollow Recreation Area and Big Sioux Recreation Area require vehicle passes. All participants must have a valid vehicle pass to enter these areas. Day pass and Annual pass available to purchase at these park entrance stations or at the Prairie Woods Nature Center, cash or check only.
  9. Several of SCCB parks and lands are open to public for hunting, if placed in an area with hunting, please make geocahcers aware of where to find current hunting season information. (DNR website)
  10. The SCCB is not responsible for damage to a placed cache resulting from mowing, burning, or any other maintenance or management activity.

Sioux County Conservation Board Geocache Placement Permit

Note: The SCCB does not place or maintain these geocaches, they are by volunteer leadership only.

See the list below for parks and areas with geocaches. Those with an asterisk* require and entrance fee into the area. Please be aware of hunting seasons when choosing to geocaching in any wildlife areas, several are open to public for hunting, choose a different time to visit these.