Sioux County Conservation maintains 5 campgrounds in Sioux County. We also offer permanent sites at various campgrounds. Please see application or call the administration office for further questions and details. Each campground is unique to its location, they vary in size and amenities offered. Try them all!

Parks marked with asterisk (*) require vehicle passes.

Camping Rates Electrical Electrical/Water Electrical/Water/Sewer Tent Site Permanent Site
Alton Roadside $20/night - - - -
Big Sioux Recreation Area - $24/night $26/night - $2,180/season
Online Big Sioux Recreation Area - $29/night $31/night - -
Bruce Schomaker Recreation Area - $24/night - - -
Oak Grove/Big Sioux Park $22/night - - $17/night $2,040/season
Online Oak Grove/Big Sioux Park $27/night - - - -
Sandy Hollow Recreation Area $22/night $24/night $26/night - $2,180/season
Online Sandy Hollow Recreation Area - $29/night $31/night - -